Avoid Foreclosure San Diego

Do you need to avoid foreclosure San Diego CA? Did you get a Notice of Default or other letter from your bank or lender? Have you missed many consecutive mortgage payments and are worried about what’s going to happen next?

You’re not alone. Many distressed homeowners in San Diego fell victim to the latest crash, and while home values in San Diego County have steadily climbed up, it certainly hasn’t been enough to get everyone out of difficult situations. There are still plenty of homeowners having trouble finding a job, maintaining enough income and just trying to make ends meet. You can hear it in people’s voices when you speak with them about the housing market, government, banks, etc.

When you open the mail and see another bill, do you wonder how you’re going to get out of debt? When the phone rings, are you worried it’s another debt collector or your bank? Are you having a hard time getting a grasp on the situation?

Again, please know you’re certainly not alone. But I want you to know that you don’t have to give up.

How to Avoid Foreclosure San Diego

You have options aside from just letting the bank bring down the foreclosure axe and evicting you…..

Loan Modification — You may have heard stories of people having difficulty getting their loan modified, and that’s true. But some people are having success. It’s up to you to get on the phone with your bank and see what your options are…. that’s if you’re interested in staying in your house. Some people just prefer to cut ties and move forward elsewhere.

Sell Your House Fast, FreeSelling your home to an investor (like us) can often be a great way to avoid foreclosure. Why? Because investors like us can buy houses in San Diego fast, putting a stop to any foreclosure proceedings and reducing your debt. We also buy houses “as is”, so you wouldn’t have to make any repairs. We also pay with cash, so there are no delays with a traditional buyer getting a traditional bank loan with all the red tape. Oh yeah, no realtor commissions, either — you can sell your house for FREE.

File Bankruptcy — This not legal advice, and this is an option that would definitely call for an attorney (not us), but some people have used this method of “filing BK” to put a temporary halt to any foreclosure proceedings. Whether this is right for you depends on many legal and personal financial factors. Speak to an attorney about this, but don’t expect a bankruptcy filing to be a magic cure-all.

There are other options…. and we have a FREE E-BOOK that you can DOWNLOAD NOW if you wish —>> GET YOUR FREE FORECLOSURE E-BOOK HERE.

Whatever you decide to do regarding your house in San Diego, please be sure you do SOMETHING. You CAN avoid foreclosure San Diego. You don’t have to get foreclosed upon, you don’t have to let the banks win. As long as you’re the owner of your San Diego home, you still have the power to decide how to take action and move forward.

We’re waiting to hear from you – we want to help.

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