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Is your house in San Diego becoming a burden? Is the mortgage weighing you down? Do you need cash now instead of the physical house itself? There are many reasons why you may need to sell your house fast in San Diego. In fact, there are many “fast cash” sales happening right now all around us, even though you may not know they’re happening.

The truth is, we all run into problems sometimes. Maybe you lost your job and can’t keep up with the mortgage payments. Perhaps your bank is preparing to foreclose within the next few weeks. Or maybe there are medical bills or tax bills that aren’t going away and a lien’s been attached to your property.

Whatever your own individual situation is, we’ve likely worked with someone who’s been there before. Our specialty is buying homes quickly to help people move forward. People in our community just like you.

How Fast Can I Sell My House?

This is the big question people want to know. Once you’ve decided to sell, how long is the process? Well, it really depends on how quickly you need to prepare. We can hold up our own end and buy your house in 10 days, possibly less. However, many people need more time to go through and manage their possessions, and we’re perfectly fine with that. We’re very flexible in our closing date – you just let us know how much time you need and we’ll work with you.

Now if you need to sell your house fast because of a foreclosure auction, then let us know immediately. We can likely help put a stop to the sale so that we have enough time to complete our closing and prevent you from actually being foreclosed on.

And of course, you’ll still get all the other benefits of selling your house to an investor like us, such as:

  • Selling your house “As Is” (current condition is OK)
  • Selling your house privately (no open houses for strangers)
  • Selling your house for CASH (we don’t use traditional bank loans – that’s how we can buy your house fast)

Sell My House Fast San Diego

In a nutshell, we’re here to help. If you have a house in San Diego (or townhouse, condo, etc.) and you need or want to sell it quickly, then we’d like to be your #1 solution. All you have to do is

We’re waiting to hear from you!

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