Sell Your House in San Diego As Is

Did you know that you can sell your house in San Diego As Is without watching it sit on the market for 6 months or longer? It’s true! Many people believe that if they try to sell their house without attending to required renovations, repairs or even cosmetic upgrades that they’ll watch buyer after buyer pass over their home and instead choose the top condition homes on the market.

Does it help if your house is renovated and free of needed repairs? Of course, it does. Most buyers out there prefer a house that’s move-in ready. But let’s face it — some homes are just older, and not everyone has the big budget to fix a roof, paint their house or upgrade the electric wiring. Not everyone wants to manage a general contractor or deal with termite repair and tenting.

Sometimes you just want to sell your house in San Diego As Is, no matter what needs to be done. There’s no law that says your house has to be in perfect, magazine-cover shape to be sold.

Sell Your House in San Diego As Is

You can take this a couple ways, depending on your time and budget. If possible, try to attend to some minor items. Paint touch-ups, mow the lawn, clean the carpet, etc. These small items can really help to increase the look and feel of your home.

Larger ticket items like the ones I referenced above, though, may be best left to your new buyer. Speaking of which…..

…. who is this new buyer that can ignore all these repairs and buy your house in San Diego anyway??

IT’S US! We buy houses in San Diego that need all sorts of repairs….

  • Leaky roof? No problem – we’ll wear a hat (not that it rains in San Diego)
  • Peeling paint? No problem – we’ll bring our brushes.
  • Termites eating your home? No problem – the exterminator cost is on us.
  • Yard overgrown? No problem – we’ve got the lawnmower.
  • Kitchen and bath outdated? No problem – we’ll remodel them from scratch.

Get the idea? Sometimes you just want your house SOLD and don’t want to be bothered with any repairs, maintenance or the time involved.

We SPECIALIZE in these types of home purchases. We prefer it. We really don’t want you to have to do anything at all except come to the escrow company to sign the closing papers. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can sell your house in San Diego, CA and move on.

If that sounds like a winning scenario to you, then it’s super easy to get started. Let us give you a cash “as is” offer for your San Diego house.

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